dahlias, ranunculus and hydrangea

it is always good to cut the hydrangea so it sits within other flowers. hydrangea do the best in compact arrangements.

useful tips:

when you receive hydrangeas in a bouquet already arranged don't forget to spray them with water. this will extend the life of the hydrangea.  the key to long lasting hydrangea is water!

hydrangea are beautiful alone or mixed with other flowers

Hydrangea blooms in white, pale blue and pale green are available year round. the pinks and deep blues, purples start a little later. as summer fades into fall so does the hydrangea color. the blooms become more

antique and the color tends to fade.


hydrangea blooms can be tough! when you buy them you have to remember to hydrate them when you get home.  to do this, fill a bowl with water and submerge the whole head into it. let it sit for a few minutes. this will give the petals time to soak up water. next, recut the stem on an angle and place the stem in water.

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